Heart-Shaped Ruby Earrings


Stunning Pair of Heart-Shaped Ruby Earrings in a beautiful Italian Design

Material of Earrings: 18K Yellow Gold

Weight: 10.12g (Left), 10.35g (Right)

Size: 4 (h) x 2.8cm (w)



Number: 158 Rubies

Shape/Cut: Round, Brilliant, Step Cut

Colour: Red

Transparency: Transparent

Refractive Index: 1.762-1.770 (Birefringence= 0.008)

Specific Gravity: Indeterminable due to Mounting

Magnification: Fingerprint, Crystal with Halo and Fine Particle

Certificate: Nan Yang Gemological Institute (S7)

Remarks: Indications of heating. Tested insofar as mounting permits.

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