Natural Rubies Corundum Bracelet


Rubies: 40 Stones 

Weight of Rubies: Total 4.0cts (13.01g including Diamonds & Setting)

Dimensions: 2.76 X 2.29 X 1.53 to 2.95 X 2.65 X 1.93 mm

Cut: Round and Oval Shaped, Brilliant/ Step Cut

Colour: Red (Transparent)

Refractive Index: 1.762 - 1.770 (Birefringence= 0.008)

Certificate: Nan Yang Gemological Institute 


- Clarity indeterminable due to the mounting

- Fingerprint, Crystal with Halo, Fins Particle and Growth Line

- Indications of Heating (Natural Rubies are Commonly Heated).

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